China completes large nuclear fusion device, says it is catching up with US

China Daily Mail BY CHANKAIYEE2 ⋅ APRIL 18, 2015

China’s new nuclear fusion device

The following is based on translations from Chinese media:

Nuclear fusion is at the forefront of high technology. It will enable the human race to generate more than enough energy without using fossil fuel

However, it is very difficult to control such fusion. As a result, for several decades, scientists always say that we, the human race, are 25 years away from the era when we are able to control nuclear fusion.

In the past, the competition in the race to achieve controlled nuclear fusion was between the US and the Soviet Union, but now it is between the US and China, as China has become the second largest investor in that technology.

Now the US has 28 large nuclear fusion test facilities, China has 16 while Russia has only 5.

According to Chinese media, China is completing its newest large nuclear fusion test device KTX and will soon put it into experimental operation for fine tuning.

It is a Torus Experiment device similar to US “National Spherical Ring Experiment Device” with magnetic confinement fusion technology. KTX is China’s newest achievement in nuclear fusion similar to the afore-mentioned advanced device that the US put into operation in 1999.

China’s success in building its FTX indicates that China has greatly reduced the gap between the US and China in that type of technology.

Source: “China completes its large nuclear fusion device to keep on reducing the gap between it and the US” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)