Open Source Nuclear Fusion

Mark Suppes built a nuclear fusion reactor with no formal science background. Prior to the fusion project, Mark became comfortable tackling the improbable with eight years of web startups. In these startups, he learned that it’s better to be too ambitious than not ambitious enough. Considering the time and effort a startup requires, it makes sense to aim high. Then, in late 2008 Mark watched a video that would change his life. In that video Dr. Robert Bussard revealed his secret invention: a new approach to nuclear fusion called the Polywell. Bussard believed his invention could provide abundant and inexpensive clean energy; something the world desperately needs. Mark took an intense fascination to the Polywell. This fascination grew and spurred Mark to attempt building his own Polywell. Since he had no prior science background the project presented many steep learning curves. Over the course of three years Mark’s Polywell fusion reactor project has transformed into a community project with hundreds of contributors. Mark’s open source project has built the world’s first amateur Polywell, a small but important step on the long journey to clean energy.