Report on Technical Feasibility of Fusion Energy to the Special Committee for the ITER Project

March 8, ASDEX Upgrade Seminar
M. Kikuchi
Former member of subcommittee for Fusion
Development Strategy under Fusion Council

Charge to Subcommittee for Fusion Development Strategy

(3) Technical feasibility of the fusion energy
(4) Extension of the program and basic supporting research

For topic (3) above, the Special Committee additionally requested an evaluation of the feasibility of fusion energy as a safe and reliable energy source from the aspects of technical potential, management capability, and characteristics of Japanese industrial structure.

Two other subcommittes are formed for answering
(1) Survey of long term demand and supply of energy sources
(2) Feasibility study of alternative energy sources
(5) Distribution of resources for research
(6) International relations.

Members of Subcommittee for Fusion Development Strategy (April 2000)

Nobuyuki Inoue
(Chairman) Chairman of Fusion Council
Professor, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University)

Katsunori Abe
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
Kunihiko Okano Research Fellow, Komae Research Laboratory, Nuclear Energy Systems
Department, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry,

Yuichi Ogawa
Professor, High Temperature Plasma Center, University of Tokyo

Mitsuru Kikuchi
General Manager, Tokamak Program Division, Department of Fusion Plasma
Research, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Shigetada Kobayashi
Chairman of the Committee on Nuclear Fusion Research & Development,
Nuclear industry Executive Committee, Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association
(Senior Manager, Advanced Energy Design & Engineering Department, Power
Systems & Services Company, Toshiba Corporation)

Satoru Tanaka
Professor, Department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science,
Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo

Yoshiaki Hirotani
Manager, Department of Project Planning and Promotion,
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc)

Masami Fujiwara
Director-General, National Institute of Fusion Science

Shinzaburo Matsuda
Director General, Naka Fusion Establishment,
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

Kenzo Miya
Chairman of Planning and Promotion Subcommittee under Fusion Council
(Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo)

Chapter 1 Future Prospects of the Fusion Energy

1.1 Situations in the 21st century
1.2 Criteria for commercialization
1.3 Comparison with other power sources

1.3.1 Resources (fusion, fission, fossil)
1.3.2 CO2 Emissions and Sustainability of Atmosphere
1.3.3 Safety viewed from Biological Hazard Potential
1.3.4 Radioactive Waste and Environmental Adaptability
1.3.5 Plant Characteristics
1.3.6 Economical Efficiency
1.3.7 Use of Fusion other than Electricity

1.4 Overall Assessment

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